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Dynamic company from Kazakhstan as a reliable partner
News | 06.09.2023

Amperel LLP is a technology company based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and currently employs around 30 people. The company was founded in 2009 and specialises in the protection of critical infrastructures. Amperel offers not only the classic distribution of products, but also captivates through deep technical expertise, problem solving at the customer's site and technical service of any kind. The company has customers in the banking and construction sector, in telecommunications and finance, but also governments - in summary, all customers who want to protect their critical infrastructure and equip it in a stable and secure manner.

The company is divided into the work areas of projects, project management, service, logistics, consulting, finance, human resources and office management. The majority of Amperel's team consists of young, but already experienced employees who want to work professionally as well as creatively and future-orientedly shape the path into the digital future.

The first contact came about through the Cebit computer trade fair in Hanover. In 2020, they intensified their contact and entered into a deep partnership. Both companies bring their strengths to the partnership and can thus work hand in hand, closely interlocked. Data Center Group supplies unique products on the market that clearly stand out from the competition. Amperel takes care of sales promotion, logistical issues and service management.

"With the unique products of the Data Center Group, we can clearly distinguish ourselves from our applicants. Moreover, our partnership is trusting and productive,"

Nikolai Korolev, Managing Director of Amperel, underlines the successful partnership with DCG.

Last year, a joint project in the government sector presented the team with major challenges. Due to the highly sensitive data and information, strict entry restrictions were in place that only allowed certain personnel into the IT area. Technical support was managed online so that the project could be completed successfully.


In the future, many projects are already in the starting blocks, both in the private corporate sector and in the government sector. With the support of DCG, the company aims to become the leading provider of high-availability data center solutions in Kazakhstan.


Facts & Figures:

  • Company: Amperel LLP, Almaty in Kazakhstan
  • Foundation: 2009
  • Employees: 30
  • Core competence: Supplier of equipment and technical solutions in the field of protecting critical equipment from problems in power supply, climatic and physical influences.
  • Partnership with Data Center Group: Since 2020
  • Joint projects: 3, private and public sector customers

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